Nominated For an Award


Well, just got nominated for an award by Gus Sanchez for a One Lovely Blogger Award!

If you haven’t heard of Gus, you ought to check out his blog. Gus is funny/brilliant guy and is writing a novel about corporate America. His website, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run is new on WordPress, but I’ve known him a long time and followed it on various other platforms.

Quickly, the way this thing goes is like this- I’m supposed to give you seven facts about me and then I’m supposed to nominate 15 blogs/websites. So below, you’ll find all the info you’re little heart desires.

Seven Random Things About Me

1) Found a Herman Miller Aeron chair in the garbage in NJ. It’s a $1000 chair. Some maniac threw it away.

2) Grew up in Cedar Creek Campground. We rented a house.

3) Deaf in my left ear and kept it a secret until I was 12. Worried that they’d cut my head apart and put in a robotic mechanism.

4) Usually when I’m writing, I’m listening to “Fucked Up Friends” by Tobacco.

5) I like beer more than soda and soda less than water.

6) Used to crash my car a lot, but not on purpose or anything.

7) I had a dog named Chainsaw for awhile. A very polite animal. Despite what the name would infer.

Now, I’d like to nominate these peeps: no particular order…
check them all out and enjoy. Wild, great reading.


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