Love In the Warzones of the Wild


when all else fails I will be good

no more flip flopping, dragging along,

eating dust,dying slowly—pretending to like it

unvoided checks, power pills

invincible bubblegum, pink frosting

fake coins, dotted lines,

ripped maps,traffic signs—hope you slept well

no, I don’t sleep at all

ignored a long time at everydoor

on every door, hang a little sign

‘you won’t keep me out forever’

talk to anyone who’ll listen

about; neon fish, strange darting birds,

love in the warzones of the wild,

telephone wounds, vinyl records heaved at the moon

your father—and your mother— and the field

where they’ll be buried, one day

… for now, enjoy

doing donuts in the parking lots of hell,

busted streetlights, lost tickets,

notices in the mail, snail mail

memos from long lost prom dates,

sending yourself a full color fax while crooked

receiving it two days later, sober

saying, sincerely—I’m so thankful

for your love and correspondence,

you in the pouring rain, looking good

falling over— me in the mud, looking at you,

high fives with the wind, kissing blues

kissing stones, kissing anything that moves

tearing through the stations,

looking, listening, constantly revising

I’m not afraid of anything—and I won’t ever die

your friends, your patience, your lips

I feel them on minewhere you touched me,

it’s still pleasently stinging


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