Here is a poem of mine called “Don’t Worry. The first of 3 that will appear at Misfits’

Very happy to have this poem included here. The poem is about human nature … and how it’s easier to look for the ‘bad’ but we’re better served to look at the bright.

Misfits' Miscellany

Bud Smith

I was warned of insects
disturbing wasps and hornets
waking up the fire ants
and people too, at certain moments
could be worse than water moccasins
or king cobras

it’s said
that there are bottomless pits on earth
that contain all the loss
you could handle
I was passed a note in study hall
detailing this
on graph paper
very many exclamation points
“every year it gets worse
are you planning for it?”
“no. I’m not at all”
“you’ll be the first to go”

sometimes it’s as if
you lived inside a hand made maze
and you knew certain walls
would never move
so you keep a bomb or two
in your back pocket
to make your own route
when the rules fail you

there are small moments
when it feels like the killer bees
are finally here
and there’s no good
that’ll come crawling up

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