Some Stuff

Yes. Stuff. The Stuff that stuff is made of. Been busy. What’s that mean? Have no idea. I think it’s just something that people say.

Got done outlining the November nanowrite novel.

Got my plane tickets to New Mexico for a big day of the dead celebration that I’m taking Spout to. Got a shit load of Halloween stuff. Set up my devil statue next to the Virgin Mary …

Wrote a bunch of poems; 90% done editing the final junk on my novel, Animal In Your Care dug, drank all the beer then we drank all the wine, drove out west into the farmlands for some dinner, went through some boxes of old photos and found this Coney Island snapshot strip of me and Spout


Yesterday I had a real thrill. I was featured in the magazine The Weekenders. I had three short stories, an interview and a write-up about me. So that was fun. Here’s the issue if you’re interested. It’s pin-up themed. It’s free and online. So, that rocks.  I was excited to get published again along side my Uno Kudo buddies, Chuck Howe and Tracey Lander-Garret … both of those crazy kids are fun/sick people and I recommend you come party with all of us on Halloween, or any Saturday night really.

Here’s a link to Uno Kudo which is an art/lit book that I edit and help to organize and birth like a kidney stone (only it’s a gemstone)

Anyway, thanks for reading. When are you gonna let me buy you a beer?


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