Set a Deadline

I’m going to California at the end of the month. There’s a party out there at an art gallery for a literary magazine that I mess around with (Uno Kudo) …

I’ll be in LA Feb. 1st through the 4th … If you’re in town, lets meet up for a few beers, eh?

Whenever I hear that there’s a party near the Pacific Ocean and that the plane tickets are only $300, you can bet, I’ll be on a jet.

The trip coincides with the “wrapping up” of a novel I wrote in November called F-250. By the end of January I need to have a few copies of the third draft of the novel in my possession to take with me to California.


Because I told some editor buddies in LA that I was bringing them a copy of the book to read.

This was stupid, right? The book wasn’t done. Well, I like to do things like that. Impose deadlines. When, I’m writing a book or a short story, I like to set a finite date/time for it to be due. If I have a deadline, I know what I have to do in order to reach it.

It’s called: “Get the fuck to work”

I love that. Having something DUE … It’s due somewhere, even if that’s not true. This way, I keep on task. I don’t fall into procrastination. I have to have the fucking thing done by a certain date.

That’s the way that art gets done.

You can put it off forever, or you can just get down to the work of it, now and see it through.

There’s time later to revisit it. To revise it, to rewrite it. But for your purposes, you outta think about giving yourself a deadline.

So, if you’re stuck and not sure how to stay on track with what you’re doing … Before you give up … Dig yourself a deeper hole … Give yourself a near impossible deadline.

There’s two things I like most about writing and that’s getting a rejection on something I send out, and finishing something before a deadline.

BTW: I like rejection notices because it directs a clear rewrite.

What’s the worst rejection you ever got? And how did you use it to your advantage?

Do you have a writing deadline currently? What is it? Why?


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