Fact Dump: published poems, stories and news

It’s Thursday night and I’m over here getting ready to record some poems set to some music that I wrote a long long time ago. I’m recording the poems so that I can listen to them in the car while I drive back and forth to my job at the refinery and do two things with them 1) memorize them for readings, cause they’re more fun to perform that way and 2) figure out how I’m going to revise any or all of them for a book of poetry I’d like to put together.

So that’s what’s up. But there’s more …

  • A link to a short story up at Connotation Press called “The Typewriter” about a troubled teen who gets his hands on an Underwood that can do anything
  • A link to a radio program that featured one of my spoken word poems “Love in the Warzones of the Wild” at approx. 5:05 … the show is called Wednesday Night Service and is run by the Literary Underground, a great small press art collective that does zines and readings.
  • A poem called “It Snows” running at Fictionaut

Also of note … I have copies of Or Something Like That in my apartment again … so, if anyone would like a copy, hit me up. I’ve been signing them, because people seem to like that kind of thing.

One last thing … the rewrites for the novel F-250 were finished and if anybody wants to beta read it for me … reach out.

Thanks for reading and being cool as ice.



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