Vinyl Records and Rewrites

My girl came home the other day with a travel record player tucked under her arm. A Crosley. It looks like a little green suitcase. She came into the room where I do my writing and sat down in the red chair next to my desk. 

We set the record player up on the new book case that I built last week … now all those old vinyl records that I’ve bought over the years aren’t just for decoration out in the living room. She has some her own, left over from her days at art school in Providence, Rhode Island. 

I got such a kick looking through them all and couldn’t believe how many great ones we have. All the Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin albums that I love … plus tons of others, The Cars, Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, Mile Davis, Otis Redding …

Now, I sit at my desk and I flip the record over when it ends. It’s winter time and I come home from my day job at the oil refinery and I listen to records while I work on edits.

I’m a happy man.

Last year was a lot of work. All the writing. I wrapped up three novels by the end of the year, now I’ve got to tie up loose strings with the editing. I couldn’t think of a better way to do it then soundtracked by “Let it Bleed” or “Physical Graphiti”

There’s a lot of work left to do, especially if I’m going to hit my deadlines … but, the record player is right there and I don’t even have to get up to flip to side B. So that saves me a lot of time.

Hope your winter is going good too. Have some fun.



2 Replies to “Vinyl Records and Rewrites”

  1. I one time had a record player like that. I got it at a yard sale with all these records I can’t remember and a Tina Turner record. We lost all those in storage when mom couldn’t pay but I’m sure they were not worth much money, except Tina with the awesome hair.

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