Sky Riot & Quick Teen Summary

two poems connected by mud

  • Quick Teen Summary


in the beginning we had mixtapes, the milky way didn’t yet exist
dinosaurs were the size of parakeets, your love for me was sand
and I covered my wounds with it
in time we grew adjusted to the light, in time we built the skyline
in time we talked slow and made our secrets underneath the telephone
those days you weren’t pure electric yet
you were a thundercat, but still we’d get tired of our thunder
and just want to be alone by the green fish tank
on the day it ended, all the wreckers were towing away the fires
the riots were winding down, your neck smelled like baby powder
your dark crystals swayed across the surface of the falling out
there wasn’t much left
but you and me and the mixtape and your tears falling in the sand
making me all muddy

  • sky riot


just sold my soul for a spring mix salad
with carrot ginger dressing, who cares?
I’m just gonna ignore everything until God send a mandolin player.
cause when we die there will be a bird that chirps our name
to get the worms to crawl out of the mud.
and if you sing to me beautifully from the bottom of a lake,
I’ll make up new hymns for you
in the parking garage where I live
and say
Thank you dear,
for all of these packing peanuts,
I will build a nest in them and slumber until the rise of the machines.



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