The Bud Show

So, this Tuesday I am gonna start hosting a radio show. It’ll be streamed online and will feature a lot of the crazy writer and artist friends that I know. Mostly it will be an interview show where I shoot the shit with people that I’m intrigued by and want to learn  more about.

I’ll share the links here on this blog and if you don’t yet … you outta follow me on Twitter. That’s where most of my activity is anyway. A constant stream of delirious nonsense and sexy talk.

Some other updates for those following along at home:

  • Tollbooth is coming out in the spring. I’ve cut it down from 105,000 words down to 93,000. It’ll be carried by Piscataway Publishing, the marvelous peeps behind the Idiom.
  • The novel F-250 is looking for a home with a publishing house.
  • A collection of short stories Lighting Box, is almost ripe enough to be sent out for submission to some houses too.
  • Submissions are closing on my anthology Wasn’t That Special: How You Lost Your Virginity … so look for that in the early summer, I imagine.
  • Lots of wedding planning.
  • Lots of record playing.
  • We drank three bottles of pinot noir last week and it was great.
  • I just took my girl to an Italian dinner up at 181st street in NYC in some fancy brown shoes that I bought yesterday because now I’m 31 and I’m an adult.
  • I bought a bunch of books and haven’t read anything from any of them
  • played around on Rae’s Ipad editing Tollbooth. Kinda fun, kinda torture.
  • I threw away a metric ton of clothing from my youth.

That’s about it. Whew…


5 Replies to “The Bud Show”

  1. Michael, You are not just an inspiation with your muicsal talents but also how you live your life each day. My girls and I feel so blessed to know you and your family and we wish you nothing but the best in life. We love you my friend.

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