On Writing


I mostly write while I drive
on my phone, sideways, 
used to just be red lights
but the human spirit 
can endure anything
such as motion
the new jersey turnpike
tunnels beneath the earth
lower manhattan traffic
I had a query for a novel
that I typed with my thumbs
commuting back and forth
to the refinery where I work
and my home wherever that is
I wrote the query at 73mph
and also the novel
steering with my knee
an agent wants to see pages
so I’ve begun to feverishly edit
in the slow lane
my hazards on
taking this shit seriously


One Reply to “On Writing”

  1. You are doing great bud! Youve got some good work out there. I started reading your book and i expect to post it soon. Cool stuff. Nice poem too. thanks again for giving your book awayfor free the first two days.

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