Radio Show, Safari, Novel News, AWP

Last night, I did another episode of The Unknown Show the interview radio show that I do on Tuesday nights. I like to feature writers and musicians but am open to whoever has a story to tell: a strange job, a weird slant on life, some complaints to voice. Whatever. Listen to the show, it gets better each time … If you like what you hear, hit me up.

Some other things are going on (of course). I’m getting married on May 4th, so there’s a lot of planning for that. Just got my suit on Saturday and our rings. Honeymoon planning is going real well too … African safari it looks to be, “babe, I wanna ride elephants.”
“Elephants it shall be.”

Been doing a lot of rewrites and revisions on the novel Tollbooth. Getting ready to pass it off to the copy editor in about three weeks. Have also been working on cover design, and author photo and all that crap and acquiring “blurbs” for the book from some of my peers who’ve done the work I’m doing now and have out excellent books of their own from top notch houses/presses … It’s a lot of fun being able to reach out to writers you respect and have them enthusiastically return some respect back. Ah, all for fun. But really also, part of a community. I dig that most.

Also getting ready to head out to AWP (a big meet up for lit. zines/sites/houses/writers/editors in Boston where I’m set to meet up with a ton of writer friends that I’m always down for knocking back some beers with. I’ll also be doing a reading, poetry I believe on Friday afternoon in downtown Boston. Poetry readings are actually a blast, if you’ve never done one, give it a try. You might be surprised how much you like it.



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