Seaside Heights, New jersey


“You look worried.”
Hurricane clouds ripped in. As Irene opened her mouth, the outboard engine died.
“No luck.”
Across the water, the ferris wheel glowed purple. The roller coaster whipped above the boardwalk.
“We’ll abandon the boat.”
“I don’t swim,” Irene said fearfully.
The current took our little silver boat farther out.
“See the water at your feet?” I said, “There’s a hole.”
The first of the thunder, the lightning.
An hour later, Irene tore the cabinet doors off. “Really? No life jackets?”
As she paddled wildly in the swirling water, her efforts did nothing to redirect us.


The ferris wheel was twisted. Houses sunk sideways. Beach sand omnipresent. A yacht was cracked apart on the jetty, named: YACHT MY PROBLEM. A silver bearded old man weaved in and out of the debris in a yellow kayak, he called back to his wife. Just below the waterline was a car from the roller coaster. He filmed it through the seaweed with his iphone. A torn piece of cabinetry floated past. He said, “Welcome to the Planet of the Apes”


“They had bonfires on the water. That’s how thick the ice used to get. World is changing. Your uncle had a silver Plymouth he used to drive out there in 1975. One night the Plymouth’s starter went bad. He left it out. Next day, the ice cracked. Water takes a lot of things. Don’t let it take you. Car’s still down there. Trunk full of firewood, heh.”——————————————————————————————-


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