Yep. It’s Tuesday night. That means, I’m sitting here getting ready to do my radio interview show at 7pm. I’m also drinking coffee and listening to a Bruce Springsteen record.

The interview show is called The Unknown Show and you can check an episode of it out here. I usually have on writers and musicians, but you never know. I’ve had on people from religious cults. Helicopter pilots. Mailmen … I dunno … Maybe you wanna come on sometime. Hit me up.

In other news, I went and saw Jen Michalski read from her new book The Rain King, which seems like it is going to be as brilliant if not better than Could You Be With Her Now. the reading went down at Jimmy 43s, part of the Sunday Salon that they do most Sunday evenings in the back room at 7pm-onward. I can’t recommend that enough if you are visiting NYC. Try and hit that up. Her’s their website …

On another note … I’ve got some writing news of my own …

  • Tollbooth copyedits are scheduled to be in my hands by the end of next week, so the release date for that is slated around the end of June
  • I have finished the second draft of a book called F-250, which I am currently looking for a few interested beta readers, so contact me if you would like to see a PDF and are willing to give an opinion

Looking forward to this weekend, me and my brand new wife: SPOUT will be traveling to a massive bonfire in Pennsylvania where I have heard the rumor of drugs and alcohol and swimming. so, YEAH!


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