The Unknown Show w/ Bud Smith

Hey, here’s a great site The Blue Hour … send them some of your best writing, please

The Blue Hour


Yesterday, after work I poured myself a comically huge glass of wine and called Bud Smith to discuss our work at The Blue Hour and Philip Vermaas’s book Better Cigarettes and Other Poems. The Unknown Show is an interview series hosted by Bud Smith. The featured guests will range from writers, artists, musicians, ect. with a focus on projects that they are working on or promoting. The goal is to #1, not put you to sleep, and #2 leave you with some personal and often creepy details about a person who used to be unknown to you. On this show he also spoke with Mark Brunetti of the Idiom and Piscataway House: Matt K. an ex-member of the Mennonite community in Pennsylvania.

It was a pleasure to talk to Bud, and in this era of online communication it’s great to hear the voices of artists and writers.

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