Tuesday (new books, readings, a publication)

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Three projects are coming to an imminent conclusion; the novel Tollbooth is set for release from Piscataway House within a week (last I heard, the proofs are all done and we’re just waiting for print copies to arrive for a release party. The Kindle files are being formatted also); The anthology First Time, about how 4 dozen writers lost their virginity is undergoing some final design work and Ebook formatting; my new short story collection Lightning Box (due by the end of the year) is just about to reach the hands of the editorial department at my publisher. So, yeah … A lot of stuff.

It’s been a great week though. My friends from Unlikely Stories/Unlikely Books and MadHat Press were in NYC, bouncing around to various bars, restaurants. I was happy to do two readings recently with them. One in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, where I showed off some new poems that I’m starting to assemble into a proper poetry release and another reading last night on the lower east side of manhattan, where I read my short story “The Typewriter”.

Yesterday was also a good day, because the website Cease, Cows ran a short story of mine called “The Bag of Chips“.

Here’s a link.

One last thing: just wanted to mention again, that I’m going to release Tollbooth, chapter for chapter as an online serial because I like to give things away for free. So keep an eye on that. It’s going to be every Tuesday and Thursday for about 3 months.

Thanks for reading.


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