New episode of the Unknown Show

So here we go, I’m gonna make a greater effort here on this site to keep things updated with the Unknown Show, providing links to the show every Wednesday after the show airs.

A little bit about the show:
Every Tuesday night at 7pm EST, I talk to some interesting peeps (usually writers) who are promoting a recent book, an event or whatever else they have going on. Sometimes on the show, I’ll try to pry some writing advice out of the guests because it seems that everybody has something to say about that. Generally, I have the guests read some of their work.

Last nights guests:
Dustin Holland, poet/artist and co-founder of Kleft Jaw Press. He recently released his new poetry book, Captain Head and came on the show to talk about his book and an upcoming cross country trip.

Paul Corman Roberts is the founder of the Beast lit Festival, he edits at Full of Crow, I greatly enjoyed his book Neo-commuter.

so here’s last nights show

Thanks for listening, and thanks for reading.



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