Tollbooth reading NYC/ “Chaz and Betty” published

Tonight at Revival bar (129 E. 15th street) on the lower east side, I’ll be reading from my new novel Tollbooth for 25 minutes or so as a featured reader for Su Polo’s Saturn Series. The party starts at 8pm, and there is a sign up sheet for any open mic peeps who’d like to come and read something, (get there early). I’ll have copies of Tollbooth on hand for anyone who’s interested.

Rumor has it, that Mark Brunetti of The Idiom/Piscataway House will be there reading and handing out free Idiom zines. Julie Allen will be reading her essay from the just released First Time anthology about how 4 dozen writers lost their virginity. I always have a real great time at the Saturn Series. Come check it out.

Also, I got an email early this morning, Thrice Fiction #8 is out and I have a short story in it called “Chaz and Betty” which was illustrated for inclusion (artwork by David Simmer II) in Thrice. Always nice to see that kinda thing. There’s some great work in the issue from Ann Bogle, James Claffey, Susan Tepper, and a bunch of writers I haven’t met yet, but will certainly be reaching out to.

I’m happy to see “Chaz and Betty” find a home at Thrice, it’s a publication I really dig, and the short story is part of my new collection “Lightning Box” coming out from Kleft Jaw Press in December. Lightning Box is similar to my last collection Or Something Like That but a little closer to old school fables and the Twilight Zone/Amazing Stories vibe … It’s been real fun exploring farther in that direction, and digger deeper into the weird world where all the characters in the books I write live, they’re all strange neighbors.

Tomorrow night, on the Unknown Show, I’ll be reading some of the Thrice release, as well as some selections from First Time: anthology

Thanks for reading and for reaching out. Hit me up if you would like a copy of Tollbooth, I’ve been signing them and mailing them out as quick as I can. Post office on Wednesday. Thanks!



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