Ever Heard of the Underworld?


I wanna get lost
on the streets I grew up on
laying down in wet grass,
drinking watermelon flavored poison
beneath bonfire billboards
I wanna survive
because of a weird kiss
from a weirder girl
I want to tunnel
beneath the strip malls
into the caverns
where the teenagers go
when the cops are stumbling
through the Friday night terror
we’ll sit down on stone thrones
in a recently de-spiderwebbed chamber
listening to records
we stole from your mother
while she was smoking on the porch
with the milkman
I wanna breath the gold dust in til I spin
I wanna live for another ten years
I wanna have a rouge ocean wash away the loose gemstones resting in the lowest ash of dream
so I’m free to say, “fuck it”
as we take our shirts off forever.


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