Short Story “The Frog” published at Bartleby Snopes


Today, I go word that my story “The Frog” is running at the website Bartleby Snopes. I’m a fan of the site, and am pleased to see the story find a home there. You can read it here

A quick set up, The Frog is a bit of magical realism taking place in a strip mall town, and centers on Adam, a displeased young man, who takes his rage and boredom out on the frogs he catches in the drainage ditch behind Fried Paradise.

I’m expecting this short story to be a part of my new print collection, Lightning Box, that is in the hands of my publisher right now, being mulled over.

I appreciate the read, and wouldn’t mind if you dropped a line down there at the bottom, who’s out there? What are you up to?

Also: I’m looking for reviewers or my novel Tollbooth. Want a free book, let me know.


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