Interview about Tollbooth, NJ, etc.

Today, I got word that the interview I was part of with Gessy Alvarez went live on her site Digging Through the Fat. She is one of my favorite flash fiction writers and I was lucky enough to talk to her in length about my novel Tollbooth. You can read the interview here

Also, I hope you follow her blog, because her writing is great and she’ll keep you more than happily entertained.

Thanks for reading.

Drop me a line about the book below. I’ve got some copies on hand that I’m still mailing out to those who are interested. There is also a giveaway on Goodreads for Tollbooth. 5 copies available. Enter for that here

One last thing … Word Up! A great bookstore on 165th street in Manhatten now has copies of Tollbooth available,
as well as First Time, an anthology about how 48 writers lost their virginity. Drop in and say hi to them at Word Up! It’s a great store.



2 Replies to “Interview about Tollbooth, NJ, etc.”

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