A Nest of Activity (whatever)


Lots of activities going on, and I don’t just mean all the ‘freezing to death on the sidewalk in -10 windchill. Damn.

Like this:

20140108-075911.jpg Had a couple reviews published recently of my book Tollbooth. Here’s the JMWW link and here’s the Metazen link

I’m collecting submissions for a new anthology called ‘Too Much: an anthology about Excess’. You outta send Unknown Press something for consideration. Plenty of details here

I’ve got a book of poems coming out real soon called Everything Neon. The poems are mostly about living in NYC (been here 8+ years) and also about me and my wife. When a book is about to come out, I tend to go a little overboard with sending it around to get blurbs. One of my favorite writers, Misti Rainwater-Lites posted this poem, as a response to the collection of poems I sent her. It’s a great poem, check it out here

On Tuesdays I do an interview show live over the internets. It’s called the Unknown Show and usually I interview artists/writers/musicians. Last night’s show featured an interview at an art gallery where the peeps discussed ‘art as void of nothingness’ and ‘publishing as art’. Cool stuff. Also talked to a writer who got scammed out of ALL the money in his bank account. Listen in here




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