Just got a new shipment of my novel Tollbooth from the publisher, Piscataway House. Happy to have some copies back on hand! I’ve been signing them and mailing them out of my apartment with some copies of lit mags that have been donated by The Idiom and others. I’d love to mail you a book.
It’s $10.00
follow the paypal link below.
Shipping to USA only


Synopsis: Jimmy Saare collects tolls on the New Jersey Parkway. He’s had a mental snap, as a result, is becoming uncontrollably fixated with the 19 year old Gena who works the copy machine at Officetown. Despite his wife Sarah’s impending pregnancy, Jimmy pursues his desire for Gena, unexpectedly becoming more entangled with the strange manipulations of an anarchistic teenager, Kid with Clownhead, who wants to start his own destructive cult when he grows up.
Here’s some


  • “The mark of a genius rests in Smith’s writing, as he is able to meld Jimmy’s mundane life, his dreams of escape, his most crazed moments where the reader wants to slap him. —Jmww
  • “Absolutely mad in the best way” James Duncan, Writer’s Digest
  • “A tantalizing joyride of contemporary American dysfunction …” – Zygote in My Coffee
  • “I highly recommend this one.” Metazen
  • “Bud Smith’s Tollbooth is like the car accident of a book that everyone slows down for, to watch along their way to wherever–the type of car accident that creates a 30 mile stretch of idling vehicles.” Aaron Dietz, author of Super
  • “Because of his strange unconventional (yet truthful) characters, Bud Smith’s odd landscape of stories are, more often than not, the most disarming of any around.”– Stephanie Bryant Anderson, Up the Staircase
  • It’s on Amazon and
    It’s on Kindle too


also available on Kindle for $2.99

thanks for reading! Review copies are on hand too, if you’re a writer interested in doing a review of the book. Thanks.


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