Writer’s Digest publishes an article about some work I’m doing

The website Writer’s Digest has an article running about me making DIY anthologies for Unknown Press. It’s a write up explaining about a few projects I have going on and all that. Here’s a link.

I’m always super psyched to talk about the junk that I have going on. It’s nice when other people ask.

other things today

  1. got proof copies of a short story collection I am revamping for Unknown Press
  2. ate some great meatballs.
  3. had too much coffee
  4. had the day off work
  5. that’s it

4 Replies to “Writer’s Digest publishes an article about some work I’m doing”

  1. Bud,
    Do you have to specifically choose “proof copy” somewhere with Createspace or is it just putting everything in and ordering a copy before making it live to sell on Amazon?

  2. When you make a book with Createspace, it’ll be a proof copy (and not be available at Createspace’s store, or further distributed from Amazon) until you approve the book as a ‘proof’ by physically clicking on a button. They want you to view the digital PDF online, but give you the option to pay the $3-$4 to order the proof as a paperback (you can order up to five copies).

    I’ve ordered first drafts, looked them over, done a rewrite, uploaded a second draft PDF and continued the cycle until the project was done and I was happy with the final project.

    Thanks for the question, man. I hope that helped. If not, shout at me.

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