Everything Neon almost out (and other odds and ends)

Things are good here. Been working back and forth with Marginalia on my full length collection of poetry called, Everything Neon. Release date is inching up. If I had to guess, I’d say March 1st. That’s my guess. It’s 180 pages of poems about my time here in New York City, getting lost in all sorts of good ways …

Here’s the cover


that there is a silk embroidered peacock. Looks nice. The inside of the book, I think, looks pretty nice too. But I’m a fucking wacko, don’t take my word for it.

Actually, today, Thunderclap! published one of the poems from Everything Neon, the lead poem in the book “You Can Remain Anonymous” it’s a poem about where i live/have lived in NYC for the past 8 years. Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights, NYC. Love this neighborhood, love my neighbors. Can’t wait till it gets warm so I can get drunk on rum and play dominos with them on the stoop again. Here’s a link to the poem.

In other poem news: the Olentangy Review, published a poem of mine called ‘a pepsi can floats down’ and then were kind enough to ask me to write an essay about the poem itself and how it was written.

Here’s the link for that essay
Here’s the poem:


‘a crushed pepsi can floats down’ 
Your side of the world is flooded
mine is on fire
Helicopters circle
dropping emptied juice boxes,
candybar wrappers
crusts from sub-par sandwiches.
These days,
even God has a day job.
When I talk to people trying to live to 185
I get to thinking about dying
and coming back as a fish
The ocean is supposed to rise 25 feet
sometime, whenever
It was a frozen custard stand engulfed in flame
Took the boardwalk
Lucky Leo’s
Carousel Arcade
Use the fine reeds as a make shift snorkel.
Tell the fire marshall I said hello
I’m building a raft from a neon sign
and will be there soon.
made of bells.

Last but not least, I am still doing my weekly radio interview show,called The Unknown Show live on Tuesdays. You can listen two ways, live (by clicking the links) or after the fact (the links become streaming audio.)

I do most of the promo for it on the facebook page, so if you’d like to listen in and keep up to date, it’d be nice if you ‘liked’ this.

Here’s this weeks interview, it’s Gessy Alvarez, Kevin Ridgeway and Mike Grover.

Thanks for all  your support. I should have copies of Everything Neon soon, if you are interested in getting a signed one, let me know. I’ll add your name to the list. I think the publisher said the book will be shipping from Los Angeles in a bout a week.

Muchas gracias. Much Love



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