Letter Written At The Beach

Dear Blank,

got your letter
it showed up all destroyed
the ink dying the ripped
pages blue
I spent the afternoon
scotch taping it back together
but once reassembled
(with only partial info illegible)
I took it to the beach
it was nice to read about blank
and how Blank and Blank
are succeeding in school
I didn’t do so well
right now, I’m fighting a war
with the Atlantic Ocean
on a Lady Smurf towel
and picking grits
of sand and seashell
out of Spout’s dark hair
I hope your pool is open
if it’s not, it should be
go into town and grab Blank
Also, I can relate to your blank
and blank feelings about sunshine
it’s effect on your garden
and it’s effect on your paintings
in the Florida room
becoming paler every year
my thoughts: good art
is made to disappear
a kite whipped up
into the sharp claws
of unsuspecting clouds
but if it bothers you still
move the paintings into the kitchen
just not near the stove
grease and smoke
ya know
but re: your blanks
on so and blank
things do grow
and things do improve
you just have to spend time
with what is most important
Blank, you’re correct
in your worry, your need
and your fear
I have similar fears
but they do lift as I rub
the suntan lotion in
and as I bop the blue beach ball
over to the children
in their sand castle kingdom
In short, I do hope you seek help with blank, before it becomes
something even heavier
than it is now
keep the shredded letter coming

Yours from Seaside, New Jersey,



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