A Collection of Assorted Amazon Ratings for the Bible (New and Old Testament, unabridged)

5 stars: Great book! Very heavy. Really liked the gold leaf foil on the outside of the pages. Dug the tiny tiny print gave me a great excuse to use my magnifying glass that I got because I thought I would become a detective. Recommended!

3 stars: not into the wordiness of it, could def. have stood for some editing down. brevity is power, almighty.

5 stars: AWESOME

5 stars: RIGHTEOUS

1 star: can’t recommend this bc if all the typos. nice story, good characters, fantastic plot devices, riddled with spelling errors and incorrect syntax. #grammarnazidoesnotbrakeforgod

1 star: angels aren’t real.

2 stars: dumb but a cool addition to a library if you get the hardcover edition, which is easy to find for $1 at any flea market or thrift store.

5 stars: hallelujah, nuff said.

1 star: this book has aided in the genocide and oppression of billion of people spanning over 2000 years. Amazon won’t let me give zero stars. Shame on them.

3 stars: kinda in the middle on this one. Good story. The sorcery in it is pretty lame. But, I like the bearded people and all the animals. Also: Cane is a @!$&.

1 star: could not for the life of me finish this. Had to pretend with my book club that I got through it. Haha. Was under the impression that none of them finished it either but are pretending too. Oh boy.


4 Replies to “A Collection of Assorted Amazon Ratings for the Bible (New and Old Testament, unabridged)”

  1. Fair amount of good fiction in that thing, most of which was based on myths from ancient religions and cultures dating hundreds, some thousands, of years prior to the Moses character. Weird.

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