Now Serving # 86

the girl behind the deli counter is in love with me
I realized it in the cookie aisle
there’s something about the way
she slices the cheese so thin
the moon can glow through it
I took a package of chocolate chip from the shelf
and stepped away, but only on red squares
the floor might be triggered to explode
a man at the end cap had samples of Costa Rican coffee
fresh brewed, I took two small cups
and hopped on red squares, past the seafood
past the international canned vegetables
at the glass case, stopping with the unspilled coffee
and the uncrushed cookies
there was one customer ahead of me, a lady
in a blue coat getting a pound of sale pastrami
I waited patiently beside the pickle barrel
when we were alone, the deli girl blinked at me
and said, “Number 86”
I stepped forward with her gift.


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