Spring Poems

Prayer Hummed
At Waitstaff




Terms and Conditions

our small emergencies
mostly oxygen and energy
the failing orbits in the sludge
of our awkward bodies
I am yours
you have my cookies.



Cuevero and Elderflower

the afternoon crash lands
it’ll be alright, right, cat?
been so busy/what a lazy life
over-efficient, salt mine ready
prayer really didn’t work for me
lemon light broke the kitchen window
outside, day-noon-night
suffer ice cream truck music
inside, claw draw blood, spikes
fucking cat
and while it licks itself
someone on the TV always
wants to save me
solution: get couch horizontal
double vision pitcher frame
fluff pillows, meditate, yeah okay
lime, ice, tequila, salt, st. germain
“I’ll get a dog, and it will eat you.”


April 27th

cherry blossom
and dogwood
going crazy
all in bloom
or at the door
what a good day
even here, sitting
on the guard rail
car hissing.


Fried Paradise, 8:15am, Saturday

I usually drive into a strip mall
and first things first, swing
around the back
to see the loading dock
and the card board
the shadow’d woods
behind …
you ever do that?
I wonder why
either way.


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