Good Luck Poem

it just happened, a bird
shit on me—so begins
the good luck streak
off in the distance
the cowgirl sings her
saddest song
but I am payday invincible
nothing will be wrong
every beer bottle that falls
does a somersault
slaps on its bottom, flat
there are not even suds
just more championship seasons
more blossoms, more meaning
sleep walk to a charmed life
not off a single rock knife cliff
furthermore get no shiners
no busted lips, no lies
other houses burn down
in the spring death night
cars explode, the world shakes
my tongue-sweat dogs
sprint off, get doomsday lost
a whistle, all it takes is a whistle
and my dogs come trotting back
usually I’m busy
falling down the stairs
laying there till morning
tonight I’ll climb to the top
of the sea green water tower
this town’s highest point
to toss my pennies
onto the sparking power lines
to make myself happy.


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