Three poems

I can’t teach this tour guide anything
but I know the way

there are
places not like this
lift both arms
float there
had my doubts
and fears folded
in a wallet I lost
worry too, fell out
passing through some door
for the dog to eat
for the birds to sip
I’ve failed hard, crashed bad
lost foot races against certain statues
and I may not be able to
teach this tour guide anything
but I do know the way.

Not Just a Mountain

the sky right now
all renegade clouds
fish eggs and ball peen wind
sparks on the ridge
never knew you well enough
never licked stamps for you
or lied regular-grade or super-grade
in a birthday card
get well card
X-mas card, farewell card
tonight I’ll lie on green grass
soggy in the moonlight
and sing what I can
before everything’s sucked
into the volcano.

The Way I Do The Dishes On Bad Nights

in the kitchen doing dishes
Wednesday night
and I was trying not to drink
we have no dog, no house plants
no fish or cat or lottery ticket
all is right in the laser’s path
when I come to a glass
I’d like to get drunk out of
I break it in the sink
then slowly extract all the glass
and by then, the feeling has passed.


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