NEW NOVEL, F-250, Coming Fall 2014

Happy to be having Piscataway House publishing my second novel, F-250! They did such a wonderful job with my first novel, Tollbooth, and I’m thrilled to be working with them again. Here’s some info about F-250.

Casey plays guitar in a noise band about to leave New Jersey, to try and make it in Los Angeles. For now, he’s squatting in an abandonded house, working as a stone mason, driving a jacked up pickup truck. He crashes into everything, the ocean included. As a close friend Ods in his sleep, Casey falls into a three-way relationship with two college girls, June Doom and K Neon. F-250 is a novel equal parts about growing up, and being torn apart.

F250 Cover
Details to come, including a look at the cover, official release date, and the release party in New York City. There will also be approx. 20 review copies available from the publisher. Send any inquiries to me at


4 Replies to “NEW NOVEL, F-250, Coming Fall 2014”

  1. Another Bud Smith novel??? Jesus Christ on a cracker, I just finished your last one! Slow down, you’re making all us writers more neurotic than normal!

    All kidding aside, looking forward to it!

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