Writing On My Iphone At The Oil Refinery

I’m at work, in the back of a pickup truck, writing to you on a Wednesday morning. I’m in an oil refinery, wearing a fireproof suit, a hard hat, work boots. This is a usual week day morning. I’m on motherfucking coffee break.

Have been doing this for a living for about ten years. I drive out of New York City in my car that I park on the street and commute over the GWB into NJ, drive about half an hour south on the turnpike.

I do a lot of my writing–short stories, poems, chapters of novels in progress–on my iphone here. I write on it almost every day, the thing sideways. At night, I edit what I write a little bit. Sometimes it amazes me that we have mini computers now that we carry around in our pockets and can write on. Gone are the days, for me, of handwriting something down and retyping it later.

Mostly, I do the bulk of my creative writing here at work, on coffee break, on lunch break, at the end of the day while I wait for the parking lot to thin out so I don’t have to sit in traffic exiting the plant.

How do you do the majority of your writing? When do you do it?


15 Replies to “Writing On My Iphone At The Oil Refinery”

  1. I love that you write like this, Bud. I wish I could. I need quiet lately, a lot of it. And though I mostly type, I still love to jot things down if I have a smooth-moving pen handy.

  2. I write on the computer and in a physical paper journal. I write in pens, pencils, markers, crayons. I write on the back of light bills, across bar napkins, and on my arms if I am lacking paper.

    I could never write on my phone. I can barely see my phone. My fat, sausage fingers plunk at the virtual keys: B B B B!!!!!

    I write in my head as I drive or take a shower or eat a salad with a pound of taco meat dumped on top. I write watching the woman next door smoke on her back porch, blowing her smoke out at the night flowers. I write into the early morning, when even mothers sleep, sure their children are dreaming of something lovely.

  3. The only thing I can write on my phone is a blog post, and maybe some notes for stories I’m working on. But I always write the bare bones of the story on one of the thousands of notebooks I have tossed around the house.

  4. I use the notepad on my phone to jot down outlines for stories that come to me at work. I’m also always using it to write down lines that pop in my head for poems or songs. I mostly use notebooks still and then edit as I’m typing them up later. I keep one of those small moleskin journals in my pocket at all times with a pen attached to the belt. With the collection/memoir I am working on the plan to put the electric typewriter to use then edit as I retype on the computer. I should try writing a whole piece on my phone, though, it sounds convenient.

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