Poem ‘Cause I Miss My Wife

Rose Petals and Ripe Berries 
while you are away
I kiss your picture
in the gold frame
on the dresser by the door 
the traffic lights are all yellow
and blinking hazard
hazard hazard, every single
one of them. 
the stairs are slick
and when I do
your laundry
I hang it up to dry
adding a new step
I usually don’t need: 
folding it and putting it away 
in your dresser
in the orange hallway. 
even your makeup mirror 
is lonely, becoming dusty
I turn your hot iron
on sometimes 
just to keep the circuits going 
me, I’m fine,
I’ve got plenty to do 
I’ve circled the date 
on the calendar
ripe wild red marker 
and I can see where
and when you’re coming back
I’ve got the chair facing
perfect, and the date
larger than life
it’s not soon enough. 
and it’s not
true love
unless you’re
foaming at the mouth.

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