“POW WOW” Published at Black Listed Magazine


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Packed up a lot of the TOO MUCH anthology, to be mailed to all contributors. Crazy. You should see the pile of books. Some are going all the way to the UK and Ireland. Always nice to see the word getting out far an wide about Unknown Press titles.

In the afternoon, I sent out acceptances and rejections for Uno Kudo Volume 4, a lit meets art mag that i edit with Aaron Dietz and Erin McParland. So excited to see the new volume of stories and poems go to print once all the art selections are finalized.

Also, saw that Black Listed Magazine ran my poem Pow Wow yesterday. You can see it http://black-listedmagazine.blogspot.com/2014/08/pow-wow-by-bud-smith.html?m=1

Thanks to Mike Meraz for running the poem.

Anyways, I’m back at work today and of it’s anything like it was Friday, I’ll be here at the oil refinery until midnight.



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