Nine New Poems Published at Negative Suck

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good morning! Just woke up, just put Beethoven’s 7th on my little record player. I need bacon and eggs and a gallon of coffee. Got an email from Negative Suck, that the fall issue is running now and they have something like nine poems from yours truly. A few years ago when I started sending submissions around, I thought Negative Suck had the best name of any lit zine. What do you think? What’s your best lit zine name nomination?

here’s the poems from the issue:
Poem Written While You Cut My Hair; Punk Rock Rituals; New Love; Details of the War; First Date; Poem Written While Searching, When I’m Drunk At PF Chang’s With Aaron Dietz; Mad Max Visits New Jersey; It’s Only July

read it here


In other news, tomorrow is Sunday September 21st, and that means two things, #1, the Brooklyn Book Festival, so I hope to run into some of you there(?)(oh please), and #2, tomorrow night I’ll be reading at La Poisson Rouge with theNewerYork, and damn, I think it’s going to be a real great time. They’ve set it up like a performance rather than a reading. Shout out if you’re in NYC this weekend and going to the festival.


2 Replies to “Nine New Poems Published at Negative Suck”

  1. Nine poems! Hoochi Mama! That’s almost a chapbook! Too bad you already had a poem titled Mad Max visits New Jersey cuz that would have been me last week on the Garden State Parkway!

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