TOO MUCH Release Party/Reading This Saturday


Saturday October 4th, there will be an Unknown Press reading at jimmy 43s in New York City to celebrate the release of the TOO MUCH Anthology. Event starts at 6pm, goes until 9pm.

Here’s a list of the readers that will be at the event:

Robert Vaughan
Michael Gillan Maxwell
Julie Allen
Chuck Howe
Tracey Lander-Garett
Mark Brunetti
Ron Kolm
Senia Hardwick
and James Duncan

Chuck Howe was the lead editor on the TOO MUCH anthology, below is a short interview talking about the project.

Where did the idea for Too Much come from?

I thought the First Time anthology was a great idea. Everyone has a story about their first time. That got me thinking about other universally experienced events. Too Much came to me pretty quickly since maybe I had a few too many Too Much experiences.

What surprised you when submissions started coming in?

The diversity. People took Too Much to mean many thing I had never even thought of. I thought I would get all drunken tales. But Too Much meant something different to everyone. Too Much food, Too Much obsessing, or just having taken Too Much crap. I loved seeing everyone’s perspective on the matter.

Tell me a little bit about the cover art.

Erin McParland is awesome. That’s all I can really say about it. She got the idea and ran with it. I don’t have very much talent in the visual arts, but I like to think I have a good eye. As soon as she showed me the first mock up I said hell yeah.

Do you like to work with writers to edit content?

I didn’t have to do any of that here. The writers all did a great job and I got a lot of submissions. If it needed work, I generally passed on it. This was my first time editing something like this. I figured I would let the writers do their thing content wise and I would just have to worry about proof reading. Maybe the next time, as I gain more confidence as an editor I will feel more comfortable making content suggestions. But for this I felt it wasn’t necessary.

What’d you learn about editing/creative writing over the course of working on Too Much?

I think I will be a much better submitter after this. Extra proof reading. Getting into the meat of the story a little sooner.

The best part of this whole project was being introduced to so many great writers. I knew a few of the submitters before hand. But there were a lot of new great voices that I was introduced to. Even some of the writers who didn’t get in, I now follow a few of them and there are a lot of great writers out there.


Chuck Howe is the author of the book IF I HAD WINGS THESE WINDMILLS WOULD BE DEAD, a collection of linked short stories that follow the author’s own life experiences. He is an editor at Uno Kudo and Unknown Press. He’s a musician and a resident of Westchester New York.


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