Green Flash At Sunset

disaster is okay

the rains will come and your car
will float away down a once ordinary street
or ants will carry it off
I’d rather have rains than ants, myself

fires will glow in the night
we’ll owww and ahhh
as the light flickers over the usually
blackened trees
and even hold our palms out
to catch ash like a kid would catch
a snowflake

got a postcard the other day
from my friend who’s lost his home
two years ago today

he’s doing fine now, though
has an apartment that overlooks the ocean
in a small town where beautiful girls
still roller skate in bikinis like the apocalypse never happened

front of the postcard is a campfire with the word ‘Utopia’
written in comic sans

one day medicine will stop working
the common cold will kill more people
on earth than even, the lowly mosquito

the bride will step on her own dress and fall up the stairs
alcohol will be banned again and we too, will drink blood
the man all alone on the stage will discover his band
has laid down to sleep, middle of the song
the ants will lug away the snowflakes

the postcard has a nice message on the back: “I’m glad we didn’t burn my house down to get the insurance money. It was better to let the bank take the place. It was better that my truck had water over the dashboard. It was better. It was better. I’m looking out my window at the spot where the sky meets the ocean and there was just a green flash at sunset. Have you ever seen that?”


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