Interview With Nate Tower

Nate Tower has a new novella out, USE, REMOVE, REPEAT. If you don’t know, Nate Tower writes funny shit. Nate Tower writes bizarre stuff. Kind of like, if you were to stuck Kurt Vonnegut in a blender with David Sedaris. You’re laughing and you’re worried about dinner with your weird family and then you’re flying through outer space in a really cool neon sneaker rocket and your phone keeps ringing but you’re letting grandma go to voicemail because she’ll be dead soon and who cares. I talked to Nate the other day on Facebook messenger for this interview because I am a real lazy motherfucker and didn’t want to send twenty emails. Here’s a picture of Nate. See that, he’s sitting on a chair on what appears to be Earth. Or maybe Earth 2, I don’t know. Keep reading, there’s a whole interview down there.

Nate Tower

41tBmLZWTcLAbout Use Remove Repeat : When Marvin Bindle discovers a revolutionary new procedure that could eliminate STDs and unwanted pregnancies while maximizing the intensity of an orgasm, he knows he would be a fool to pass it up. The procedure is a success, and Marvin quickly finds himself engaging in the best sex of his life. Unfortunately, Marvin soon realizes that his dream isn’t quite as desirable as it sounds. When a sex romp goes awry, Marvin finds himself in danger of losing his livelihood forever. Will Marvin be able to overcome the flaws of science, or has greed and lust cost him everything?

Use, Remove, Repeat falls somewhere between medical satire and sexy science fiction. No matter how you classify it, this is a revolutionary story about the future of sex.

eeeets available on Kindle by clicking HERE.

** The Interview Starts Right Now **

Bud Smith: Yo Nate!  I’d like to do a facebook message chain and have it be real quick quick answers like a conversation. That doable?

  Nate Tower: thanks, bro. i’d love that

 when do you want to do it?

We’re doing that right now. It. That. Etc.

 okay, cool

 let’s go

 What’s the book?

 Hold on. Just got to work…

 okay, here we go…

 Use, Remove, Repeat is a novella. Used to be called The Stas Penis, but people don’t like reading books about penises. It’s not strictly about penises, of course. A satire about sex, medicine, all that stuff.

You’d be surprised how many penis books are best sellers. It’s probably like 1 in 10 penis books sells a million copies.

 I like those odds. If I write 9 more penis books, then I’m almost guaranteed to be a millionaire. But like I said, It’s more than a penis book.

Yes, keep on going!
Who’s the narrator of the book?

 Marvin Bindle tells the story. He finds out about The Stas Penis and has to have one immediately. He’s not even deterred when he finds out he has to have his own penis cut off first. The benefits far outweigh this little loss.

guy doesn’t even bat an eye over it.

 He cringes a little at the thought of having his dick chopped off. But it’s all in the name of science. And better orgasms. And the obliteration of STDs.

Well then, there’s something! Has medical science in your book helped women on their journey?
Do women have body mod sex upgrades too, to make their future brighter? To compensate for shitty male partners …

 Yes and no. There are no actual modifications to women’s bodies, but the Stas Penis is supposed to help them as well. It makes a profound connection with their sexual organs to guarantee female orgasm. It also is 100% effective as birth control.

 As you can see, only the men need the enhancement because the men are the flawed part of the equation.

Well, men are pretty damned flawed that’s for sure.

 Yes, that’s for damn sure.

 With all this talk of penises, it would be easy to see this as a man’s book. Really, it’s quite the opposite.

Oh no, I see the satire angle
 You’re probably getting into all kinds of juicy stuff about relationships and how this changes things, probably not for the better

 Oh, it’s juicy alright.

You’re doing a send up of our current medical care state, you probably were able to tell it straight and it was ridiculously funny
Have you had to deal a lot with hospitals in your life?

 There are plenty of jabs at the current state of medical care.

 I wouldn’t say I’ve dealt with hospitals any more than the average person, but my dealings have mostly been unpleasant.

Like what?

 Oh, the typical stuff. Long waits. Doctors making a diagnosis without performing any sort of exam. Doctors ordering tests you don’t need that you have to pay for. Medical staff that doesn’t give a fuck when your dying grandpa has been sitting in his own shit for hours. That kind of stuff.

 But it hasn’t all been bad.

You’ve never gone head first through a windshield?!

I was at the hospital today. There was a water fountain and I wanted a drink so I leaned down and hit the button as much as you’d normally hit a water fountain button, the water sprayed up in a high/wide arc and soaked an elderly woman reading a Kindle who didn’t notice because she is old and at the doctor for old people stuff. Hospitals are crazy.

BTW, I liked your last collection of stories Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands … Is this novella written in a similar outlandish style or is it even more so?
A woman gives birth to a boot, there. You topping that?

 I certainly didn’t set out to top anything from Nagging Wives. This is its own entity.

 I’m sure the students who study this novella alongside my stories will find connections.

 I think it’s more sophisticated.

It’s the most sophisticated dick story out there. Guaranteed.

That’s a great tag line. Well congrats on the book.

 Thanks, Bud. Hope it lives up to those erectpectations…

** The Interview is Now Over, Go Back to Whatever You Were Doing **

Nathaniel Tower photo -1

Here’s a bio: Nathaniel (Nate) Tower lives in the Twin Cities area with his wife and daughter. After teaching high school English in Missouri for nine years, he decided to pursue writing and marketing. His short fiction has appeared in over two hundred online and print journals. Twenty-four of his surreal tales about the married life are compiled in the short story collection Nagging Wives, Foolish Husbands (Martian Lit, 2014). In 2011, MuseItUp Publishing released his first novel, A Reason to Kill, followed a year later by his first novella, Hallways and Handguns.

Nathaniel is the founding and managing editor of Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine and Press. When he’s not doing writerly things, he likes to joggle (juggle and run simultaneously). He is the former world record holder for running a mile backwards while juggling. He is working on getting his record back. Find out more about Nathaniel at


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