High July

bulldozers roll up the block
we’re in a pine tree, watching them rip apart our house
I kiss you and palm an egg from a robin’s nest
everything feels as big as a full stick of dynamite
everything tastes intense and fake cherry: your lips, my doubt, the smoke billowing out our crumbling chimney
It’s high July I wonder which version of me I’ve let you know
it’s high July I wonder if the crew below enjoys busting apart our front steps
your bird bath, our rose arbor, our seashell mailbox
the bulldozer disappears into the house, just like we did
it might be inside, putting on the coffee pot, playing with the stereo, petting the cat; or, crushing the couch flat, eating the TV, busting apart the wall to our bedroom, destroying the painting I did of you sitting naked on the sunset cliff
but now look at us out in the open air, happier
looking down at the neighborhood changing
the garage collapsing
the back deck collapsing
I place the robin’s egg in your mouth
you bite, slip me back half
we swallow like it’s aquamarine gum
that we’re not supposed to swallow, either
it’s high July, we’ll have to de-evolve back into the net of nature
It’s high July there’s some changes we’re going through
it’s high July we’re out on a limb in our underwear
but about to spring from branch to branch
all the way to the beach of our youth
your rhodendrums are on fire
my trophy case just shattered
the roof just met the basement
I’d like to die
surrounded by those I love
owning nothing
you have only grown more precious to me, something I might have never noticed like this
sitting in front of the computer.


4 Replies to “High July”

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