Kill’d a Bird at TheNewerYork

Happy Black Friday. Good day today. Ate some left over thanksgiving food, didn’t leave the house, am drinking a beer right now. Pizza is rumored to be on the way. Friends and family are gathered around this house and there’s even a fire going in the fire place. Oh boy.

Also today, TheNewerYork posted a flash piece of mine called “Kill’d a Bird” that is about birds, songs, babies and me. There’s also a trip to the doctor. You can read the story here

The art work above is my Lori Nelson, it was attached to the story at TheNewerYork and I included it here so you’d be intrigued to go and look at what they did with the story and the art paired up. Love that artwork.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for all the nice messages and stuff lately. Means a lot to me. Happy holiday. Are your tetanus shots current? Lemme know.


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