Pink Bicycles

the accident sends me through the windshield

certain things are shattered, but I barely notice

an x-ray technician studies the film and says, “yup, just as I thought you have no feelings.”

I leave the office with an official doctor’s note:
I can do no wrong
my empathy has eroded
sympathy slipped into stomach acid
guilt ground down
I’m free to limp back into the world

the junkyard crew will crush my car
after a lunch we share
their stale crackers are the worst
coffee is from yesterday
but I’m there to rescue some things from my trunk
before they burst

“how’d you wreck?”

“I was driving to work, and there was a sharp bend in the road, two little girls on pink bicycles were coming. I wonder where I’d be now, if I ran one or both of them over, instead I swerved. I hit a tree; I landed on a mattress some kids had lit partially on fire”

I share my rum with the junk yard crew
turns out I have a little love left
and one by one, they sign my cast
with fake names
Abe Lincoln, Mike Hunt, Ivanna Longcock.


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