X-MAS poem and Prompt Poem

Here’s two poem. Happy holidays. Love the hell out of you. Yes, you.



This Christmas take me to a Chinese restaurant and I’ll buy you plum duck

Spend Christmas the opposite of alone, even if you have to walk into a church

Old Christmas, find whatever old Christmas was and revisit old Christmas

New Christmas is what you make if old Christmas is too heavy to carry around, let New Christmas kill old Christmas if old Christmas was killing you

X-Mas is fine, X was Latin for Christ or something like that. XXX Christmas is a little inappropriate. Happy X-Mas.

Drink Christmas, be tipsy by a fire

Talk Christmas to anyone alone and wobbly by a fire

Clothe Christmas, you can have my coat the snow is too cold for you

Gin rummy at a dining room table, or checkers at the convalescent home

Trouble Christmas, pick up the fucking phone

Nothing Christmas, spend days with friends who are wounded by love

Wrapped Present Christmas rot in Fake Hell

Baby Christmas, hold a baby on the couch. Listen to baby making baby noise, feel baby grab your finger with its new pink baby fist, resist the urge to fart

Winter Solstice Pagan Christmas, come over our apartment for cookies we’ve laced with drugs you’ll like

This Christmas I’ll give you my heart, don’t swallow it, last Christmas I ate yours. Here’s a million scratch off tickets, I hope you’ve forgiven me. I hope you win.

Last Christmas, visited the hospital. This Christmas, take me to a Chinese restaurant I’ll pour the tea.

Patient Christmas, listen to all the stories, the slow stories the people have to tell. They need to talk. You need to listen.

Warm Christmas, knock on the door, any door, and go in where it’s warm. Or answer a door, any door, when someone who needs you knocks.

Poem Written As Prompts

Write a poem while drinking a gallon of your own blood

Write a poem handcuffed and in the back of a police car

Write a poem about your cat, Motherfucker. That’s the cat’s name: Motherfucker. Strange cat.

Write a poem using the words bruise, Corvette, pumice, orange, debt, industrial

Write a poem in 3 seconds

Write a poem about your crippling uncertainty about anything in any direction you look

Write a poem based off a beach where you got laid

Write a poem over the course of 19 years, a letter a day or whatever

Write a poem about how Kansas is a shithead state and a waste of a wonderful sounding name for a state.

Write a poem while jumping off the roof. Make it a low roof. No more than one or two stories. Wear comfortable shoes.

Write a poem incorporating all four seasons into a list of trite over used expressions about all four stupid seasons

Write a poem in response to some explosion you’ve heard today

Write a poem incorporating these words, “I’m a garbage man but at least I don’t have debt from student loans and being a garbage man, I’m happier than most people I know, actually. I just have to wash my hands with orange scented industrial strength soap featuring pumice. Look, see that Corvette, that’s my car you pompous freak, you’re no better than me.”

Write a poem about how Motherfucker is sleeps on the hood of your car because the engine is warm

Write a poem about how your glad to not be immoral because then you’d have to outlive your friends and watch them die. Yeah, I said immoral not immortal.

Write a poem in response to getting hit in the nuts or clit, respectively.

Write a poem at a poetry reading about how much these poets are horrible and should get fantasy football teams or join dart leagues instead

Write a poem while riding an elephant into war

Write a poem while closing one eye and crushing a mountain between two fingers

Write a poem in bed while Motherfucker snores but keeps you warm

Write a poem on Christmas Eve and day “Merry Christmas, thanks for the love.”



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