#MYAGE: Poetry, Twitter and a New Way of Interacting With Text (with Bill Lessard and Clive Thompson)

Bill Lessard is a badass, he’s also my friend and neighbor. Lucky me.

Twenty-Four Hours

Bill and Bill and Bill and Bill and Bill and Bill and Bill… (Courtesy of William Lessard)

On Dec 12 I went out to Mellow Pages in Bushwick, Brooklyn, to read some poetry with my friend Bill Lessard, at his event #MYAGE.

Here’s the explanation of the collaboration poem, from tech and culture journalist Clive Thompson, who introduced Bill at the event. Thompson explains:

“He’d printed up a bunch of tweet-length utterances and everyone in the room made a huge conga line, and we circled around each picking one randomly out of a bag and reading it out loud.”

In addition to me, as a warmer-upper, there were numerous readers there (Bud Smith, Alexandra Wuest, Emily Toder, John Deming, Theo Thimo, and Madeleine Alpert ) and they were great. As I was standing, listening, I began to feel dizzy… like I was drunk. It was just connecting… the words and…

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