Not A Single College Credit (poem)


Not A Single College Credit

happen to believe in love 
in the shape of crumpling temples
pyramids, morals and fear


happen to have a place to go, a need to get there and a ground that won’t stop sucking me into the earth.

here I am leaping tree to tree.

here I am hand over hand on power lines.

here I am taking a break, eating a handful of peanuts, then washing my face in a gas station bathroom.

now I am feeding my high school diploma to a mutt sleeping in this doorway beneath a flickering light.

hi everyone, I’ve never felt perfect, or classic or carved from precious stone


hi everyone these are my hands full of clean water and this is the dog drinking from the hands before it walks out into the dark.

before I climb another tree.

before I scale the low lying cloud, my work ID swaying on my shirt, reeking of jet fuel.


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