groundhog’s day

last night my wife held her mouth
and said she didn’t want to go
get her teeth filled with metal
on groundhog’s day

I said I wouldn’t want to either

the football game imploded.

“I’d skip the dentist if I was you”


“the time loop you could get stuck in”

“oh fuck”

“and they’d drill your teeth for infinity
everyday over and over again”

“I’m gonna cry”

I joked, “until you become a better person”

“like Bill Murray did”

“like Bill Murray did”

she sips her ginger ale and rum

the sugar sizzles
probably sounds like the drill will

I say, “you’re kind, ya know. he was an asshole.
I’m not sure the kind get the same Hell.”

“you’ll be hungover from the Super Bowl for a zillion years”

she puts her hand in mine

“fuck it, this is America, sometimes we puke for eternity.”

I crunch down on my ice cube so hard it makes her slip off the velvet couch
ass hitting hard wood floor, laughing. crying, rubbing the tooth.


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