Lamplighter NJ, April Writing Event

  • What is the illustration’s composition?

    The illustrator drew a girl with sleepy eyes, who has a beehive hairdo, that is being built by bees who are hard at work while she does nothing at all with her life.  

  • How is it shaded and colored?

    Intricately sketched, pen and ink it looks like. Black and white. Stark.

  • How does it make you feel?

    Like a somnambulist. Like I’m dull and dead. Like bees are controlling the unseen/unknown factions of my life.

  • What do you think you can learn about the artist through these choice?

    How happy she is with her own existence. My guess is that the artists is not happy and does not feel challenged in her day to day life.

  • What do you recognize about yourself as not being the artist?

    I’m a lousy artist. I would have drawn the girl with eyes that look like she might make a bolt for the door. Who would escape. I am not this artist because I don’t like art about people who aren’t actively seeking/looking to fuck things up and shake their lives apart. However, I find this sketch to be super high quality, of unlimited interest and also, a great pleasure to look at.


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