Reason to Believe

subway to stadium
was a jet

the skies are nice

but I am underground
book in hand

I always have faith for the beautiful girls
save a seat for the children
carrying popcorn
the white hair’d elders
or the pregnant women
who may save this wasteland

heard only cousins or nephews get to conduct this train

but I have a friend at work
who had miracle tickets
to this unwanted game

shivering at the Yankees: opening day
lost in the line for the whatever
talk for 20 minutes to a traveler from South Africa
explain, this is baseball but doesn’t mean anything
my phones dead, yeah
that was a rattail yeah, you missed it
this is random, what?
our country came up with this radical idea of slaughtering everybody moving west
then pretended like it was an accident
yeah, let’s hug, let’s drink a $20 beer: I love you too
let’s leave the infield
let’s flee the outfield
lean against a stranger in some tunnel leading home
D train south
to A train north
I follow my blind ambition
and confide any secret I think I can get away with
me and you are no different
you just live where you live
I just survive where I live
173td street
as it happens
flag me down with eyes wide and worldly compassion
I’m happy to give directions
to any person talking french
on my subway platform
just talk to me
and I will guess
alway guess
always guess
it’s 3am I gotta beat the sun
to my manual labor


but I will point you east
never west, man
never west

somewhere out there
threw the book
in the trash.


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