From the Breakfast Nook

I’ve moved my computer into the kitchen. Probably it’s more like what you would call the breakfast nook, if I thought we had a breakfast nook here.

We live in a two bedroom apartment on the third floor of a pre-war building. The walls are very thick. I definitely appreciate that.

I’m writing in the breakfast nook at a yellow table facing the Hudson River. The Hudson is totally flat right now.

This beats where I used to write. My office is down the hall and I used to write in there. But there was no view of anything. Just the building across the street.

Today at 11 am I went for a walk. I bought a bag of onions from a guy who was hanging out under a shade tree on Broadway and 171st. He sold me a bag of carrots and four bananas and a clove of garlic. Package of mushrooms too. All of that for $4. When I came home I cooked a pan of asparagus and tomatoes (plus the things I just mentioned) on the stove and stood there at the stove. Added two eggs when it was mostly done. Ate lunch facing the river, of course.

Anyway that’s how the day goes by.

Sat in a chair by the window reading Cormac McCarthy and avoiding the things I should be doing on this sudden day I have with no work. What should I be doing?

1) Filling out the US Census that was sent here a month ago.
We get letters saying ‘IT’S THE LAW’
2) Writing an email to get my new novel F250 converted for Kindle
3) mailing in my card to get my yearly drug test for my job working construction
4) doing the dishes
5) Some things I don’t even remember

Right now I’m listening to the radio and drinking a cup of iced coffee. In a couple hours I’m taking a train up to the Bronx and reading a couple poems on 238th Street.

here’s one I’ll read

Fuck Ups

I’m not sure how to get to where you are
all I have is this room I’ve always had
sometimes it rains and the raindrops
hit the lake
outside the window and the fish come up
and kiss the spots where the rain
is hitting because they think the rain is mayflies
you’re where you are and you can’t get to me either
both me and you, we’re perfect we survive on mistaken rain


That’s the state of things right now.


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