Interviewed at The Rumpus

A couple of things have happened in the last few weeks that I’m psyched to tell you about. 

I was interviewed in The Rumpus about my novel F250, working in heavy construction vs attending an MFA program, and getting in a bunch of car crashes. 

I went to California on vacation and managed to do two readings, one on July 7th at Stories bookstore in Los Angeles with Ben Loory, xTx, Brad Listi and Mira Gonzales. I read from F250 … That was a good time. Met Roxanne Gay for the first time, and that was very nice. On July 8th I did another reading in Long Beach with Jim Ruland, Ashley Perez, Erin Parker and Janice Lee. I didn’t read from F250 at this one. Instead I read a new story called Tiger Blood and read a bunch of quick capsule reviews on my comer bodega here in NYC. 

Also on July 8th, I was interviewed for Brad Listi’s Otherppl podcast which he records in West Hollywood. Look for that next week, I believe. Or the week after. I’ll share the link here when it’s live. 

And I had a story that ran at JUKED not too long ago called No Reason. It’s a story that will be in a forthcoming book I have coming out called Calm Face, which is in a split book with Brian Alan Ellis … The book is called Table Without Chairs, look for that at the end of August. 

I’m going to the post office today to mail books out. So thank you to everyone who is reading this, sharing it, retweeting it, reviewing the book and coming out to see readings … I feel pretty lucky these days. 


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