So, it hasn’t been too long since the release of my novel F 250 (a guy in a noise band gets in a three way relationship with two girls, June Doom and K Neon) which is now found as a paperback and on Kindle 

But I love adventurous/weird projects and Tables Without Chairs is definitely that … Part brain-melting art damaged drawings, part episode of Seinfeld if you were Robotrippin’, part pot shot laugh a second skewering of MFA culture, this book is a gloriously arranged mess of love. 

Today I have ARCs of the split book with Brian Alan Ellis (author of King Shit, 33 Fragments of Sick Sad Living, and Something Good, Something Bad, Something Dirty, among others) coming out from House of Vlad and today I want to send you an advanced release PDF. 

If you think you’d like to write up something about the book, send me a message for a digital ARC. Better yet, if you have a specific magazine or website in mind, message me at and I will send you a paperback, along with a copy of my chapbook Dust Bunny City (32 pages: a day-drinking narrative poem cycle ranging from 75th street to 173rd street, with lots of surprises along the way.) 

It owes less to norm core literature than it does to an acid trip one might do at a punk show at the local bowling alley. 

There’s wild monster drawings by Waylon Thornton
a novella called Spook House by Brian, along with a large chuck of anti-writing advice tweets that are the funniest things I’ve ever read. 
And then to finish off the book, I’ve got collection of short stories called CALM FACE about where I live in NYC and the whacked out stuff I see, experience, don’t sleep through. 

Here’s a story at JUKED from my section, called No Reason.

Please pass this post along to people you know in the lit scene who love free stuff and love to review books. Tweet it. Facebook it. Text it. Email it. If you do, drop me a line, let me know, I’ll send you something cool. 




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